Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Had a Cry

So yesterday was a crying day. We were down to our last pennies and no one had taken us to the bank. We took a taxi to down to try to get to the bank and get our cell-phones up and running and we ran into major roadblocks.. No one spoke a word of english. At the cell-phone place I had to ask Siri how to say "bring me to the bank i need money" in mandarin. Then the people looked up the answer: THE BANK IS CLOSED. I had 7 RMB to get a taxi home (it costs around 20), we had no food, no utensils, no dishes, we were hot, frustrated etc... The taxi driver took us home for the reduced price because he thought we were pathetic and I got inside the apartment and broke down....

Thankfully today is a new day. We will go to the bank today, go to the grocery store, get our phones up and running and it will be better, but I just needed yesterday to feel sorry for myself, lol...

Luxu taxi (courtesy of my friend Maria's Blog)

Tomorrow we're going to Shanghai for shopping and Ian is going with a guy to check out the rugby scene! I'll take lots of pictures!!

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