Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tobi Or Not Toby

So here it is. My first blog post about our "great adventure" to Shanghai (more on that later) and alas, it's coming to you from Canada. There are a number of reasons why I wanted to start this blog, namely:
  1. To chronicle our adventure for family and friends

  2. To serve as a resource for other Canadians (or whomever) moving to China

  3. To share photos

  4. To have an online memoir of sorts to look back at in the future
I am horrible with paperwork and if someone told me about all of the "hoops I would have to jump through" to move to China a couple months ago, I might have hesitated a lot more than I did. Thank god I have Ian to keep me on top of everything because I might have given up a long time ago. Nothing ever goes smoothly for me when it comes to applications and loads of paperwork and this time is not an exception. 

Here's a little known fact about me: my LEGAL name is Toby. Yes, with a "y". Ewwwwwww.... That's how you spell Toby the boy, or Toby the dog, NOT Toby the girl! So when I was in the 7th grade I took it upon myself to change the "y" to an "i" and become Tobi. The girl. The girl that can sign her name with a heart on top of the "i". Did I do this legally? Of course not. Why would I bother? Who's going to care?!?!? 

The Chinese government, that's who... 

So because of that letter with the cute heart on top we had to delay our flights a few days until I went to a notary saying officially that Toby Crawford is the same person as Tobi Crawford. phew.... Done... Can we go now? 

In a few days I will get my visa in the mail, I can go to the Chinese consulate and get everything signed and THEN we'll be on our way... But for now, here's some advice: 

Don't be cute with your name. 

Just sign all your stuff with the proper spelling, 

And for god's sake, don't let important people like your 

Credit card companies or universities screw up the spelling either!!! 


  1. So, Toby, how's that "y" hanging!? LOL! I'm can't wait to see what you'll be posting and all the pictures. It's like we'll be there with you in spirit! In case I forget to tell you before you leave, safe travels, my friend! Big hugs!!

    1. Thanks Lea! I hope to share a LOT of pictures!!

  2. Can't wait to read about all of your adventures...glad you got everything taken care question for you - are you Tobi with an i or a y?? LOL!!! By the way, love your middle name!! Safe flight, big hug

    1. My middle name?? Lol... It's so... feminine!!

  3. I'm giggling and nodding in agreement. My parents moved to China a few years ago, and our last name is Chiu. The Chinese government, however, took it upon them to correct it to the current pinyin, Qiu. So imagine the confusion every time my parents whip out their American passport with Chiu, and the Chinese want it to be Qiu… Oy. Can't wait to read more about your adventures. So exciting!