Monday, September 29, 2014

"Food" In China

I have learned in my travels that you have to be open-minded to other people's food when you're in their country. Ireland: blood pudding. Like, seriously?? You eat food with blood in the title. That's just weird for me. China: a shit-load of stuff... 

Chipmunks... I've seen them at a few markets and I gotta wonder who eats these adorable little guys. 
Mmmm... Chipmunk... 

So do they buy them as chicks then raise them? I hope so... Although, I was at KFC the other day and had a chicken breast and wondered how old the chicken was that gave me that breast. It was TINY. So maybe I'M eating these little chicks disguised as delicious fast food! I tell ya, China is a good place to turn you vegetarian. 

How about some toads? At our local grocery store they're actually all just sitting in a tub with no top. They're not jumping out. Why....??? Are their legs like, cut?? Anyway... Frog soup? Frogs legs?? 

Turtles of various sizes and breed. I've seen babies all the way up to these huge dinner-plate sized guys. And yes, they're alive and staring you in the face. 

People pop out the seeds of the Lotus flower and eat them. This is just weird... I would like to try it though! 

So we're going into Shanghai for a few days where I'm sure I'll snap a lot more interesting eats! 
We are going to do some touristy things, but we're also going to a bunch of malls and haggle/fake markets. I cannot wait I am so excited!!! 

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