Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reminder: To Also Rush! To Punch!

We had to go into the city of Suzhou (Soo-joe) today for a medical exam and this is what greeted me in the bathroom stall:

Huh?! I guess it's one of those lost in translation things... I was warned that in China the stalls do not provide toilet paper and they were right!! Good thing I had a tissue in my purse! You also can't flush it down the toilet - you have to throw it in a garbage can next to the toilet. I guess with billions of people in the country you have to think about that kind of stuff...

After our exam we went downtown to find something to eat. As always with traffic in China, there are millions of little electric scooters zooming around. (Gas scooters were just made illegal over the summer so they're all the slow, quiet kind which is nice)

It was a fun little trip but it was too short. Suzhou is a huge city and I can't wait to get back there and explore soon!!  


  1. no TP and no flush it down they better have good ventilation in there

  2. I agree with the ventilation. Not quite sure what you should be "rushing" and "punching" while on the toilet???!!