Saturday, September 13, 2014

Update: School 'n Stuff

So firstly, I know you all want to see what our place looks like and what our school looks like, but you're gonna have to keep your pants on!! I have some pride (yes I do, and I bet you didn't know that...) and I have to pick up some essentials for our apartment that will make our place a lot more organized, but presentable too... Know that we are pretty happy with our near-free accommodations and we won't be moving off-campus any time soon. There are a lot of teachers here that have lived in "Zplashes Resort" the whole time they've been here... So it's really not that bad!!

School: Phoenix is doing well in school and loves all of his teachers - yes even his evil drama teacher ;) - and he's actually doing the grade 9 curriculum. That's right, he skipped grade 8. If we go back to Canada he would go back to his normal grade, but just because his English is so high he can work at a higher grade level competently. He will have some holes because "English" is actually ESL here, and I am not sure how much of the grade 9 English curriculum is going to be covered, but the rest of the classes are on-par with Canada... Ian is teaching ESL and cultural studies to grades 4-6 and like we've been saying, kids are kids no matter where you are. He works with a full-time Chinese aid in the class and she's helping him know how far he can push the kids and where they're coming from. It's tough for a lot of the kids because it's a boarding school. Can you imagine dropping off your grade 1 child in September and saying GOODBYE to them? For like, a week or two?? Crazy... So some of the kids act out, some of them are grumpy, but they are all kids just like at home. I am doing well, I have 4 drama 10 classes, and one Drama: film and TV class and they're all great. Just like at home kids are like, "What? I have to get up in front of people and ACT?!?!" Ummm. That's right! In a couple of weeks I will be starting an after-school club/class: Vocal Performance with another teacher at the school who is a singer. This school is ON FIRE for singing and dancing and we already have our first competition under-way. I can't wait to get started with music!!

Now I'm going to leave you with a photo... Before we got to China we were warned about "wild dogs" and in my head I pictured rabies-infested mutts covered in shite and fleas. I never pictured something like this:

She was just wandering around the bus station. She was one of the happiest, friendliest little puppies we've ever seen and just wook at dat widdle face!! It was SO HARD to walk away from her. She needed cleaning up and good flea bath and she was running around near a busy street, but there are so many cute dogs just like her around us. It's heart-breaking... 

Anyway... I've got some photos of Shanghai loading up (it takes a LONG TIME with the slow internet here) so I'll probably have something tomorrow for ya! 


  1. What a grand adventure you're all having! Can't wait to see more pictures. The homeless doggies would break my heart, I would probably try to feed and love them all! Looking forward to your next post already!

  2. Love reading about your adventures. Make sure you document your story.