Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fake Finds

I was thinking of doing a little feature every time we go to the "fake markets" to show you what we got! There are a lot of these fake markets, as I've said before, and some of them are better than others. Yesterday we went to "The Pearl Market" where they sell REAL pearls, they just may not be the best shape or colour, or some of them have a blemish... 

For example: 

This is a long string of grey pearls (opera length). They are freshwater pearls and most of them have a round-ish shape - this kind of pearl is referred to as "Baroque."

In Canada you would/could pay upwards of $100, and as my brother would say: guess how much?? 
$20. The girl who sold me them started out higher, of course, but I think I got an OK price. 

We left the pearl market with nothing except pearls (they had other fake stuff, but it wasn't good quality.. For Ex. their "Prada" bags said "Prdpr" and I was like, ya no... SO ONWARD! 

I went to this makeup booth where the lady said she'd try to score me some blue hair dye, but she couldn't find any. "More time" she said... So I bought a couple of things while there. 

So these eye-shadow palettes are some of the most recognizable makeup products on the planet, and they're pretty expensive, so of course China makes fakes. The interesting thing about this particular fake is that Urban Decay is made in China, so this fake is pretty damn close. I've watched some "spot a fake" videos about these and with my palette there's only one thing out of place.. The colours are all like the original and have good pigment loads, so I'm thrilled!!
Canadian price = $72 MY price, $0 (I'll tell you why in a sec...)

These sponges are crazy expensive...$20 at M.A.C. and at least that at Sephora. 
MY price $0 (I'll tell you why in a sec.)

If this one is a fake it is an IMPECCABLE fake and I am fine with it... It's the GHD Professional Straightener and I took a look at it last week and did my research this week. I watched all of the videos, found out how to check the serial numbers and it all checked out... So yay! I tried it on my hair in the booth and it definitely got to the temperature needed to straighten my thick hair, and it heated up in 60 seconds... SCORE! So my "friend" started out by asking around $140 (plus $30 for the eyeshadow and $8 for the sponge for a total of 950 Kuai or about $175) and then I said that is WAY too much and Ian came and said we don't have that kind of money etc etc... I said all I had to spend that day was 500 Kuai ($90) and that was it.. Ian and I started talking (kind of putting on a show) about how we needed to get home still with the taxi and the bus etc etc, so $500 was my max. I am still trying getting my feet wet as far as bargaining (I mean, I've offered some stupidly low prices and the people laughed us out of the booth - so they too have their bottom lines, lol!!) but I have been told to have a price in mind and don't go above it, and I wanted/needed that flat iron and I wanted to pay no more than $90.. 

Well I got all three for $90 and I was happy. She's still going to look for blue hair dye for me and I'll probably go back to her booth for more makeup so I left with our friendship intact. 


  1. Amazing finds! Would love that Urban Decay! Looks like you're having fun. You're going to have some awesome memories when you leave there.

    1. When I leave here... Hmm.. That might not be for a while ;)