Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fake Finds: November and Baby Bandit

It's been a while, eh? You know what that means, right???!!! We've been so busy doing incredibly exiting and amazing things and experiencing life and trying to soak it all in that I haven't had time to write a blog post. 

Or, it's what's actually happened: life. I got sick (pneumonia) and that lasted a good 3 weeks, our school underwent an inspection from the BC government (it happens every year so we can keep our diploma-giving status) and I was up to my eyeballs with boring paperwork, and we've just been busy with work. We haven't traveled anywhere exotic yet or gone to other cities in China because, well... 

Here's one reason: 

Baby Bandit. 

If you didn't read about him on Facebook, here's the story: 
Phoenix and I went for our traditional weekend scooter-ride and 
we passed a gigantic lumberyard right next to our school. 
As we drove through the wooden city this literal pack of dogs started emerging
from between the piles of wood and baby Bandit came running up to us. 

It's like a love story. Except doggy-style. 
I know how that sounds and I don't care. 

Anyway... We drove home, told Ian about this adorable puppy that
practically begged us to take him (as well as the Chinese workers who
shoved him into my arms and motioned for us to take him) and Ian was
intrigued. So intrigued that the next morning Ian drove there, picked up baby Bandit
and brought him home. 

So now we have two dogs in our tiny apartment but it's fine... It just means that traveling
will be a little bit more of an obstacle, but it's a small price to pay for the tiny
life we saved. He really is a sweet doggy too! 

So that's why we haven't gone away for weekend excursions, but we 
have gone into Shanghai a few more times and picked up a bunch of fake goodies... 

Here are some highlights: 

Rolex watch - $45
Rolex inner-workings and mechanisms.. Crystal face. It's a dream.

Living in China you can't ignore the pearls everywhere.. 
They're addictive! I got these 2/$45

Lots of different colours and shapes.. 

I fell in love with the design and bought a light necklace too!

So practical stuff... Socks. They have tonnes of them, and cheap of course!
$2.50/pair (BIG size for my BIG feet!)

I didn't bring dress shoes. So I picked some up 
for $25... Leather, kitten heel. Fit my huge feet! 

I have tried to find blue hair dye to colour my own hair, but nothing.. 
I bought some bright blue hair extensions... $2 for both. 

So something I've been unhappy with is the whole nail situation. 
I am used to getting really great nails in Canada and just haven't found the same
quality over here. So, I decided to pick up my own materials for doing my own nails 
from my makeup girl. (She's calls me her very best friend, hahaha)

UV Lamp $25
Gel Nail Polish $6 each

She gave me this stuff for free too: 
(Eyeshadow Primer and black eyeliner)

Do you want to see my first set of gel nails??? 

Not perfect, but a great start!! I am so glad I did this... This is 
going to save me lots of $$$ in the long-run trying to find someone
to do my nails! 
(I get gel nails because my nails are thin, and crack and bend 
hideously if I don't do something with them)

So how's that for a month of news? I will try not to go so long next time okay?! 
Talk soon!!