Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jewelry Galore!

Before coming to Shanghai one thing I was really excited about was jewelry! It seemed every necklace I picked out at home said Made In China so I was like, WAHOO!!  Bring on the deals!!! I didn't find the deals.. Fake markets had tones of the stuff but it was all over-priced and you had to haggle for everything.  No thanks. 

Enter Taobao. 
Actually enter Taobao iPhone app... 

If you search something it remembers. (Enter spooky music)
So I search pens, next thing I know 50 different listings for pens pop up. 
Necklace? .... Jackpot! 

Seriously amazing deals... Check it out: 

As my brother says, "GUESS HOW MUCH?!?!" 

None of these pieces cost more than $4, and one necklace even cost $0.80!! lol
See anything you like? 

1 comment:

  1. wow, what bargains. look at this page I bought a stella and dot pair of earrings for a friend and they are so similar.