Saturday, May 16, 2015

Packing For Our Return

So to continue my saga about living in China and all of the ups and downs, here is what's in my "buy in Canada and bring back to China" list: 
1. Popcorn. They don't know what real, salt and delicious butter popcorn is here. It's a travesty. 
2. Winter clothes. REAL winter clothes. Who knew it would get so &@"&-ing cold here?!?!?
3. HOT weather clothes. Because you need about 3 outfits a day with the humidity here. 
4. Hair products. They don't have these here either so I pay through the nose to get them via Hong Kong... 
5. Shoes!!!! Size 11 female shoes!!! I totally misjudged my shoe needs! 
6. Gluten-free stuff. 
7. Makeup. All "western" brands are at least double the price. Eg. Maybelline mascara: $30 and up!!! Now imagine what L'ancome costs!! 
8. My bath robe. My plus-sized bath robe that fits me perfectly!!! They don't use bath towels to dry off, they have little hand-towels and just use that!!!! Ian and Phoenix bought me a towel for Mother's Day and I'm embarrassed to tell you how much it was... ($30)

(¥100 = $20)

Of course I have a whole bunch of cardmaking supplies I need to bring (my Christmas stamps were mistakenly put in storage!!) and some other odds and ends... Shipping is just way too much and it takes too long, so these trips home are kind of a shopping expedition too!!